The Antarctic Diaries and Memoir of Charles S. Wright

Edited by Colin Bull and Pat F. Wright



419 pp. 6x9

$39.95 paper 978-0-8142-5313-7
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“This is a handsome book, profusely illustrated with fine works of art by the subject's daughter, intelligently edited by an erudite, rascally Antarctican. . . . The book contains everything that one needs to know about a distinguished Antarctic scientist, gleaned from the contents of several diaries, journals with field observations and comments, plus a late-in-life memoir.” —Antarctican Society Newsletter

This collection of journals, memoirs, and letters tells the remarkable story of Robert Falcon Scott’s last journey to the Antarctic, as seen through the eyes of Charles S. Wright, the expedition's physicist and glaciologist.

When Captain Scott left Britain in 1910 on his second and last Antarctic expedition, he took with him the most comprehensive party of scientists yet to visit the continent. Among them was Charles Wright, a young Canadian. During the thirty-month expedition, Wright proved to be a keen observer, keeping an account of the adventure in his diaries and letters. Detailing both his scientific discoveries and his reactions to the hardships and wonders of the expedition, Wright’s story culminates in the dramatic search for and discovery of Scott and two other members of the party who perished on their return to their base camp from an expedition to the Pole.

Wright’s diaries, illustrated in brilliant detail by his daughter Pat F. Wright, have been edited by Pat Wright and by polar explorer and glaciologist Colin Bull. They provide an insider’s view of a significant adventure in the advancement of polar scientific discovery.

Colin Bull, dean emeritus at The Ohio State University, has conducted extensive glaciological and geophysical research in the Antarctic and Arctic over the last forty years. Pat F. Wright is a nature artist and owns a wildlife gallery on Saltspring Island, British Columbia.