The Ohio State University Press

Spring 2005 

Spring 2005 Catalog Ordination
Scott A. Kaukonen
Kinds of Blue: The Jazz Aesthetic in African American Narrative
Jürgen E. Grandt
“In the Light of Likeness—Transformed”: The Literary Art of Leon Forrest
Dana A. Williams
Dying to Be Beautiful: The Fight for Safe Cosmetics
Gwen Kay
Unlikely Entrepreneurs: Catholic Sisters and the Hospital Marketplace, 1865–1925
Barbra Mann Wall
Executing Race: Early American Women's Narratives of Race, Society, and the Law
Sharon M. Harris
Bastards and Foundlings: Illegitimacy in Eighteenth-Century England
Lisa Zunshine
Ohio and the World, 1753–2053
Edited by Geoffrey Parker, Richard Sisson, and William Russell Coil
Lake Effects: A History of Urban Policy Making in Cleveland, 1825–1929
Ronald R. Weiner
Making the “America of Art”: Cultural Nationalism and Nineteenth-Century Women Writers
Naomi Z. Sofer
Hawthorne and the Real: Bicentennial Essays
Edited by Millicent Bell
Pursuing Johns: Criminal Law Reform, Defending Character, and New York City's Committee of Fourteen, 1920–1930
Thomas C. Mackey
Gender and Petty Violence in London, 1680–1720
Jennine Hurl-Eamon
Criminal Conversations: Victorian Crimes, Social Panic, and Moral Outrage
Edited by Judith Rowbotham and Kim Stevenson
New in paperback
Margaret Atwood's Textual Assassinations: Recent Poetry and Fiction
Edited by Sharon Rose Wilson
Doing the Right Thing: Collective Action and Procedural Choice in the New Legislative Process
Lawrence Becker
101 Chambers: Congress, State Legislatures, and the Future of Legislative Studies
Peverill Squire and Keith E. Hamm
The Power of the People: Congressional Competition, Public Attention, and Voter Retribution
Sean M. Theriault