The Ohio State University Press
Fall 2008

Fall 2008 Catalog Makeover Nation: The United States of Reinvention
Toby Miller
Contemporary Dickens
Edited by Eileen Gillooly and Deirdre David
Other Mothers: Beyond the Maternal Ideal
Edited by Ellen Rosenman and Claudia Klaver
For Their Own Good: The Transformation of English Working-Class Health Culture, 1880–1970
Lucinda McCray Beier
The Promise of Justice: Essays on Brown v. Board of Education
Edited by Mac A. Stewart
Dilution Anxiety and the Black Phallus
Margo Natalie Crawford
The Enemy Within: Culture Wars and Political Identity in Novels of the French Third Republic
Gilbert D. Chaitin
Afrindian Fictions: Diaspora, Race, and National Desire in South Africa
Pallavi Rastogi
Latin Elegy and Narratology: Fragments of Story
Edited by Genevieve Liveley and Patricia Salzman-Mitchell
Reading Death in Ancient Rome
Mario Erasmo
The Arbiters of Reality: Hawthorne, Melville, and the Rise of Mass Information Culture
Peter West
The Theatre of the Real: Yeats, Beckett, and Sondheim
Gina Masucci MacKenzie
Justified by Work: Identity and the Meaning of Faith in Chicago’s Working-Class Churches
Robert Anthony Bruno
Negotiating Relief: The Development of Social Welfare Programs in Depression-Era Michigan, 1930–1940
Susan Stein-Roggenbuck
Andrew Grace