The Ohio State University Press

Fall 1995 

Welcome to Heights High: The Crippling Politics of Restructuring America's Public Schools
Diana Tittle
The Cancer Handbook: A Guide for the Nonspecialist
Darrell E. Ward
Proportional Representation and Election Reform in Ohio
Kathleen L. Barber
(out of print)
The Death of Contract
New edition
Grant Gilmore
Samuel Medary and the Crisis: Testing the Limits of Press Freedom
Reed W. Smith
(out of print)
Five Prizewinning Plays
Sidney Kingsley
Nena Couch, ed.
“The Gentle Voices of Teachers”: Aspects of Learning in the Carolingian Age
Richard E. Sullivan, ed.
(out of print)
Crossing the Snow Bridge
Fatima Lim-Wilson
The Works of Aphra Behn
Janet Todd, ed.