The Ohio State University Press

Spring 2007 

Nursing and the Privilege of Prescription, 1893–2000
Arlene Keeling
Performing the Victorian: John Ruskin and Identity in Theater, Science, and Education
Sharon Aronofsky Weltman
The Ghosts of the Past: Latin Literature, the Dead, and Rome’s Transition to a Principate
Basil Dufallo
Certain Other Countries: Homicide, Gender, and National Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
Carolyn A. Conley
Little Songs: Women, Silence, and the Nineteenth-Century Sonnet
Amy Christine Billone
Manhood, Citizenship, and the National Guard: Illinois, 1870–1917
Eleanor L. Hannah
Disciplining Love: Austen and the Modern Man
Michael Kramp
Reading London: Urban Speculation and Imaginative Government in Eighteenth-Century Literature
Erik Bond
Scotland, Britain, Empire: Writing the Highlands, 1760–1860
Kenneth McNeil
Feminist Realism at the Fin de Siècle: The Influence of the Late-Victorian Woman’s Press on the Development of the Novel
Molly Youngkin
Problem Novels: Victorian Fiction Theorizes the Sensational Self
Anna Maria Jones
The Novel and the Menagerie: Totality, Englishness, and Empire
Kurt Koenigsberger
Feeling History: Lucan, Stoicism, and the Poetics of Passion
Francesca D’Alessandro Behr
Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics, 10th Edition
Department of Linguistics