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Oil Baron of the Southwest

Edward L. Doheny and the Development of the Petroleum Industry in California and Mexico

Martin R. Ansell

Frontmatter and Acknowledgments

1: Early Years in the West
2: Oil and Railroads in Southern California, 1892–1902
3: The Birth of the Mexican Oil Industry, 1900–1910
4: Return to California, 1908–1912
5: Creating an International Oil Company, 1912–1915
6: The Pan American Petroleum & Transport Company, 1916
7: The Vision of Peace: Fuel Oil for the War
8: Promoting an Oil Policy for Mexico, 1917–1920
9: Domestic Politics and International Relations: Ireland and Japan, 1920–1921
10: Salt Water and Revolution: Mexico, 1921–1923
11: The Bark of Political Wolves: Doheny and the Oil Scandal


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