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Misreading Jane Eyre

A Postformalist Paradigm

Jerome Beaty

Frontmatter and Acknowledgments

Part I: Intertextualities
1: Species and Scenes: Fictional Autobiography and the Confined Child
2: Reality and Narratability: Dothegirls Hall and Child-Deaths
3: Dialogic Genres: The Governess and the Ghost
4: The Transgeneric Topic, Love: A Tale of Incident, Fire, and Feeling

Part II: Strategies of the Text
5: Hybridization: The Three Voices of Jane
6: Devastation and Revisitations: A Cold, Solitary Girl Again
7: Ideology and the Act of Reading: The Cold Cumbrous Column
8: Decentering the Narrator: St. John’s Way

Afterword—Decentering the Author: Charlotte Brontë’s Misreading of Jane Eyre

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