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Coping with Joyce

Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium

Edited by Morris Beja and Shari Benstock

Introduction and Abbreviations


   1. Joyce’s Heliotrope — Margot Norris
   2. Joyce the Verb — Fritz Senn
   3. The Joycead — Colbert Kearney
   4. Inscribing James Joyce’s Tombstone — Bernard Benstock
   5. Joyce and Modernist Ideology — Robert Scholes


   6. Farrington the Scrivener: A Story of Dame Street — Morris Beja
   7. The Language of Exiles — Clive Hart
   8. And the Music Goes Round and Round: A Couple of New Approaches to Joyce’s Uses of Music in Ulysses — Zack Bowen
   9. “Roll Away the Reel World, the Reel World”: “Circe” and Cinema — Austin Briggs
  10. Images of the Lacanian Gaze in Ulysses — Sheldon Brivic
  11. Jellyfish and Treacle: Lewis, Joyce, Gender, and Modernism — Bonnie Kime Scott
  12. The Letter Selfpenned to One’s Other: Joyce’s Writing, Deconstruction, Feminism — Ellen Carol Jones
  13. Simulation, Pluralism, and the Politics of Everyday Life — Jules David Law
  14. Joyce’s Pedagogy: Ulysses and Finnegans Wake as Theory — Patrick McGee
  15. From Catechism to Catachresis: Aspects of Joycean Pedagogy in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake — Lorraine Weir
  16. ALP’s Final Monologue in Finnegans Wake: The Dialectical Logic of Joyce’s Dream Text — Kimberly Devlin
  17. Shahrazade, Turko the Terrible, and Shem: The Reader as Voyeur in Finnegans Wake — Henriette Lazaridis Power
  18. The Wake’s Confounded Language — Derek Attridge

Contributors and Index

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