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Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis


Edited by Morris Beja and David Norris

Frontmatter, Preface, and Welcome Address by Mary Robinson

General Essays

   Joyce’s AquaCities — Robert Adams Day
   Catching the Conscience of a Race: Joyce and Celticism — Vincent J. Cheng
   OndtHarriet, PoldyLeon and Shem the Conman — David Norris
   Czech Ulysses: Joyce and Political Correctness, East and West — Jeffrey Segall
   I Don’t Understand. I Fail to Say. I dearsee You Too — Louis Lentin

Hostile Responses to Joyce

   Approaching Joyce with an Attitude — Morris Beja
   “A Would-Be-Dirty Mind”: D. H. Lawrence as an Enemy of Joyce — Paul Delany
   Rebecca West vs. James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and William Carlos Williams — Austin Briggs

Male Feminisms: Approaching “Nausicaa”

   Introduction — Richard Pearce
   “Nausicaa”: Monologue as Monologic — Richard Pearce
   For Gerty Had Her Dreams that No-one Knew Of — Philip Weinstein
   When Is a Man Not a Man? or, The Male Feminist Approaches “Nausicaa” — Patrick McGee
   “Nausicaa”: For [Wo]men Only? — Jennifer Levine

The Shorter Works

   All Things Come in Threes: Ménage à Trois in Dubliners — Zack Bowen
   Duffy’s Adventure: “A Painful Case” as Existential Text — James D. LeBlanc
   Dancing a Pas de Deux in Exiles’s Mé à Quatre; or, How Many Triangles Can You Make Out of Four Charcters If You Take Them Two at a Time? — Ruth Bauerle
   The Wandering Gentile: Joyce’s Emotional Odyssey in Pomes Penyeach — Adriaan van der Weel and Ruud Hisgen

“Aeolus” without Wind

   Introduction — Derek Attridge
   A Brief Allegory of Readings: 1972–1992 — Jennifer Levine
   Between Inventio and Memoria: Locations of “Aeolus” — Daniel Ferrer
   “Aelous”: Reading Backward — Maud Ellmann

The Novels

   Stephen Haunted by His Gender: The Uncanny Potrait — Sheldon Brivic
   That Form Endearing: A Performance of Siren Songs; or, “I was only vamping, man” — Sebastian D. G. Knowles
   Cribs in the Countinghouse: Plagiarism, Proliferation, and Labor in “Oxen of the Sun” — Mark Osteen
   The Irish Undergrounds of Joyce and Heaney — John S. Rickard
   Cinema Fakes: Film and the Joycean Fantasy — Thomas L. Burkdall
   Mulligan and Molly: The Beginning and the End — Ralph W. Rader
   Finnegans Wake: The Obliquity of Trans-lations — Patrick McGee
   Countlessness of Livestories: Narrativity in Finnegans Wake — Derek Attridge


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