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Froude’s Life of Carlyle

Abridged and Edited by John Clubbe

Frontmatter and List of Illustrations
Preface and Abbreviations

Editor’s Introduction
Editorial Procedures

    Froude’s Preface
1   1795–1814: Beginnings
2   1814–1818: Teacher
3   1818–1821: Spiritual Torment
4   1821: Jane Baillie Welsh
5   1822–1824: The Bullers, Life of Schiller, Wilhelm Meister
6   1824–1825: London
7   1825–1826: Hoddam Hill
8   1826: Marriage
9   1826–1828: Comely Bank
10   1828: A Calvinist without the Theology
11   1828–1830: First Years at Craigenputtoch
12   1830–1831: Craigenputtoch and the Writing of Sartor Resartus
13   1831–1832: Eight Months in London
14   1832–1833: Later Years at Craigenputtoch
15   1834: From Craigenputtoch to London
16   1834: On Carlyle’s Biography
17   1834–1836: London and the Writing of The French Revolution
18   1837–1838: The French Revolution. Lectures on German Literature. Lectures on European Literature
19      1838–1840: Interest in Cromwell. Lectures on the Revolutions of Modern Europe. Chartism. Lectures on Heroes and Hero-Worship
20   1841–1842: Geraldine Jewsbury. Scotland. Friendship with John Sterling. Deaths of Mrs. Welsh and Dr. Arnold. Tour of Belgium. Ely Cathedral and Oliver Cromwell
21   1842–1843: Past and Present. Tour of Cromwell’s Battlefields
22   1843–1846: Cromwell. Death of Sterling. Publication of Oliver Cromwell’s Letters and Speeches. Frindship with the Ashburtons
23   1846–1849: Ireland. Margaret Fuller. The Ashburtons. “Exodus from Houndsditch.” Revolutions of 1848 in Europe. Macaulay. Peel. Visit to the Grange. Death of Charles Buller. Froude’s First Meeting with Carlyle
24   1849–1850: Second Tour of Ireland. Latter-Day Pamphlets. Peel and Wellington
25   1851–1852: Reviews of the Latter-Day Pamphlets. The Life of John Sterling. Scotsbrig and Paris. Work on Frederick the Great and First Tour of Germany
26   1852–1858: The Cock Torment. Death of Carlyle’s Mother. Jane Carlyle’s Domestic Budget. Death of Lady Ashburton. Carlyle as Historian
27   1858–1862: Second Tour of Germany. Publication of the First Two Volumes of Frederick. Carlyle’s Character. Jane Carlyle’s Declining Health. Friendship with Ruskin. Frederick Marches On
28   1862–1865: Froude’s Impressions of Carlyle. Serious Accident to Jane Carlyle. Death of Lord Ashburton. Jane Carlyle’s Illness and Apparent Recovery. Completion of Frederick
29   1865–1866: Summer in Annandale. Installation as Rector of Edinburgh University. Inaugural Speech and Public Acclaim. Death of Jane Carlyle
30   1866–1872: Carlyle’s Remorse. Governor Eyre Affair. Menton. Disraeli and the Tories. “Shooting Niagara.” Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle
31   1872–1881: The Early Kings of Norway. Death of Mill. Acceptance of Prussian Order of Merit. Refusal of Grand Cross of Bath. Russo-Turkish War of 1877. Froude’s Recollections of Carlyle’s Character. Death of John Carlyle. Death and Burial of Carlyle

Notes to the Life

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