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Charles Dickens and His Original Illustrators

Jane R. Cohen

Frontmatter, List of Illustrations, Preface, and Acknowledgments
List of Abbreviations and Chronology

Introduction: Dickens and the Rise of the English Illustrated Novel after 1836

Part One: Dickens and His Early Illustrators
        1. George Cruikshank
   2. Robert Seymour
   3. Robert Buss

Part Two: Dickens and His Principal Illustrator
   4. Hablot Browne
  part 1 (pages 59–80)
  part 2 (pages 81–102)
  part 3 (pages 103–122)

Part Three: Dickens and His Other Illustrators
    The Other Illustrators of Master Humphrey’s Clock
   5. George Cattermole
   6. Samuel Williams

    The Illustrators of the Christmas Books
   7. John Leech
   8. Richard Doyle
   9. John Tenniel
   10. Daniel Maclise
   11. Edwin Landseer
   12. Clarkson Stanfield
   13. Frank Stone

    The Illustrators of Pictures from Italy and A Child’s History of England
   14. Samuel Palmer
   15. Francis Topham

    The Illustrators of Our Mutual Friend and The Mystery of Edwin Drood
   16. Marcus Stone
   17. Charles Collins
   18. Luke Fildes

Conclusion: Dickens and the Decline of the English Illustrated Novel after 1870
Appendix: Dickens and His Would-Be Illustrator: William Thackeray

Selected Bibliography

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