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Suburb in the City

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1850–1990

David R. Contosta

Frontmatter, List of Illustrations, List of Maps, Acknowledgments, and Introduction
Chapter 1  Before Suburbia: The Gateway Village
Chapter 2  North Chestnut Hill: The Romantic Suburb
Chapter 3  Wissahickon Heights / St. Martin's: The Planned Suburb
Chapter 4  Social Contours: The Divided Community
Chapter 5  Different Worlds: Chestnut Hill Lives
Chapter 6  Community Improvement: The Progressive Suburb
Chapter 7  Community Organization: Postwar Chestnut Hill
Chapter 8  Community Reorganization: Suburban Quasi Government
Chapter 9  Conflicting Identities: City, Suburb, and Region
Appendix, List of Abbreviations, and Notes
Bibliographic Essay and Index

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