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Black Swamp Farm

Howard E. Good

Frontmatter and Preface

 1:  The Swamp and How It Was Made
 2:  Stouthearted Men with Axes
 3:  Drainage
 4:  The Soil
 5:  Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
 6:  The Well-fed Farm Family
 7:  Our Home on the Farm
 8:  A New Barn and a New House
 9:  Rescued from Seas of Mud
10:  Animal Companions and Aids
11:  The Beginning of the Farmers’ Year
12:  Farmers’ Payday
13:  The Fall: Full Job Quotas
14:  Work and Play for Farm Boys
15:  Prevailing Fashions
16:  Callers at Farmers’ Doors
17:  The People of Black Swamp
18:  Language of Everyday Communication
19:  North School, District No. 10
20:  The Fair
21:  Diversions and Entertainment
22:  Medicines: Amateur and Professional Doctors
23:  Superstitions and Tales
24:  Far-reaching Changes
25:  Recent Looks at the Valley

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