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Vox Populi

Violence and Popular Involvement in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D.

Timothy E. Gregory

Frontmatter, Preface, and Abbreviations

  1. Introduction
  2. The Urban Context
   The Late Roman City
   Decline or Expansion?
   Organizations and Institutions
   Constantinople, Ephesus, and Alexandria
  3. The Episcopacy of John Chrysostom: Constantinople
   Early Years and the Episcopal Election of 397
   Chrysostom as Bishop
   The Council of the Oak and First Exile
   Second Exile and Schism
   The Aftermath
  4. Nestorius and the Council of Ephesus: Constantinople and Ephesus
   Nestorius, Bishop of Constantinople
   The Christological Controversy
   The Outbreak of the Quarrel
   The Council of Ephesus, 431
   Constantinople after the Council
  5. The Latrocinium: Constantinople and Ephesus
   The Controversy Continued
   The Council of 448
   The Second Council of Ephesus
   The Aftermath in Constantinople
  6. The Council of Chalcedon: Constantinople and Alexandria
   Toward a New Policy
   The Meeting of the Council
   Opposition to Dioscorus
   Revolt in Alexandria
  7. Conclusions


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