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Joyce’s Moraculous Sindbook

A Study of Ulysses

Suzette A. Henke

Frontmatter and Acknowledgments

1. “Telemachus”: Ghosts and Cannibals
2. “Nestor”: The Nightmare of History
3. “Proteus”: The Art of Perception / “Scylla and Carybdis”: The Artist as God
4. “Calypso”: The World of Sensuous Reality / “Lotus-Eaters”: The Land of Dream
5. “Hades”: The Hibernian Underworld / “Aelous” and “Wandering Rocks”: The World as Machine
6. “Lestrygonians” and “Sirens”: Food for Men and Gods
7. “Cyclops”: Giant and Jew
8. “Nausicaa”: Romantic Fantasy / “Oxen of the Sun”: Procreative Reality
9. “Circe”: Ulysses in Nighttown
10. “Eumaeus” and “Ithaca”: Nostos
11. “Penelope”: The Flesh Made Word


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