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Island Heritage

A Guided Tour to Lake Erie’s Bass Islands

Ted Ligibel and Richard Wright

Frontmatter, Foreword (by Charles E. Herdendorf), and Preface
Introduction to Bass Islands

Tour 1: Vintage Village (1.6 miles)
Tour 2: Science and Serenity (0.2 miles)
Tour 3: In the Shadow of Perry’s Monument (1 mile)
Tour 4: Vineyards and Vikings (3.9 miles)
Tour 5: The Ghosts of Victory (1.7 miles)
Tour 6: On “Perry’s Lookout” (0.3 miles)
Tour 7: Wine and Peace (7.9 miles)
Tour 8: Remote Tranquility (1.7 miles)

Steamships: The Link to the Mainland

Glossary of Architectural Terms, Glossary of Architectural Styles
Index of Buildings by Architectural Styles, Index of Sites

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