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Framing Anna Karenina

Tolstoy, the Woman Question, and the Victorian Novel

Amy Mandelker

Frontmatter, List of Illustrations, Preface, Note on Translation and Transliteration

Introduction: Snakes at Yasnaya Polyana

Part I: Passe-Partout: Tolstoy's Image
Chapter 1  The Myth of Misogyny: De-Moralizing Tolstoy
Chapter 2  The Judgment of Anna Karenina: Feminist Criticism and the Image of the Heroine
Chapter 3  Beyond the Motivations of Realism: Tolstoy, the Victorian, Novel, and Iconic Aesthetics

Part II: Frame: Image and the Boundaries of Vision in Anna Karenina
Chapter 4  The Execution of Anna Karenina: Heroines Framed and Hung
Chapter 5  A Painted Lady: The Poetics of Ekphrasis

Part III: Illuminations: Reading Detail and Design in Anna Karenina
Chapter 6  Knife, Book, and Candle: The Resisting Russian Reader
Chapter 7  The Woman with a Shadow: Fables of Demon and Psyche
Chapter 8  Picking a Mushroom and Escaping the Marriage Plot

Conclusion: After Anna Karenina


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