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Bicameralism in the Contemporary World

Edited by Samuel C. Patterson and Anthony Mughan

Frontmatter, Foreword, and Preface

1: Senates and the Theory of Bicameralism   Samuel C. Patterson and Anthony Mughan
2: Coequal Partner: The U.S. Senate   Barbara Sinclair
3: The Very Federal House: The German Bundesrat   Werner J. Patzelt
4: Generating Divided Government: The Australian Senate   John Uhr
5: Not Dead Yet, But Should It Be Resurrected? The Canadian Senate   C. E. S. Franks
6: A Problem of Identity: The French Sénat   Jean Mastias
7: To Revise and Deliberate: The British House of Lords   Donald Shell
8: Parliamentary Autonomy: The Italian Senato   Claudio Lodici
9: A House in Search of a Role: The Senado of Spain   Carlos Flores Juberías
10: From Electoral Symbol to Legislative Puzzle: The Polish Senat   David M. Olson
11: Senates: A Comparative Perspective   Anthony Mughan and Samuel C. Patterson

Contributors and Index

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