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Hawthorne Centenary Essays

Edited by Roy Harvey Pearce


   Robert Lowell — Hawthorne

The Tales and Romances

   Terence Martin — The Method of Hawthorne’s Tales
   Charles Feidelson, Jr. — The Scarlet Letter
   Marcus Cunliffe — The House of the Seven Gables
   Robert C. Elliott — The Blithedale Romance
   Harry Levin — Statues from Italy: The Marble Faun
   Edward H. Davidson — The Unfinished Romances

Art and Substance

   Hyatt H. Waggoner — Art and Belief
   Daniel Hoffman — Myth, Romance, and the Childhood of Man
   Roy Harvey Pearce — Romance and the Study of History
   Larzer Ziff — The Artist and Puritanism
   R. W. B. Lewis — The Tactics of Sanctity: Hawthorne and James
   Edwin Fussell — Neutral Territory: Hawthorne on the Figurative Frontier

Discovery and Rediscovery

   Edwin H. Cady — “The Wizard Hand”: Hawthorne, 1864–1900
   Seymour L. Gross and Randall Stewart — The Hawthorne Revival
   Roger Asselineau — Hawthorne Abroad
   Matthew J. Bruccoli — Hawthorne as a Collector’s Item, 1885–1924
   Fredson Bower — Hawthorne’s Text


   Lionel Trilling — Our Hawthorne


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