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Women and Prenatal Testing

Facing the Challenges of Genetic Technology

Edited by Karen H. Rothenberg and Elizabeth J. Thomson

Frontmatter, Acknowledgments, Series Editors’ Preface, and Preface
Introduction  Women and Prenatal Testing: An Introduction to the Issues

Part 1  The Context of Debate

1  The Genetic Construction of Prenatal Testing: Choice, Consent, or Conformity for Women?
        Abby Lippman
2  Women’s Roles in the History of Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villi Sampling
        Ruth Schwartz Cowan
3  Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis: The Impact on Persons with Disabilities
        Deborah Kaplan

Part 2  Philosophical, Ethical, and Legal Perspectives

4  Reproductive Genetics and Gender Justice
        Mary B. Mahowald
5  Reproductive Genetic Testing, Prevention, and the Ethics of Mothering
        Ruth Faden
6  Ethics and Reproductive Genetic Testing: The Need to Understand the Parent-Child Relationship
        Patricia A. King
7  “The Good Mother”: The Limits of Reproductive Accountability and Genetic Choice
        R. Alta Charo and Karen H. Rothenberg
8  What the Law Says about Reproductive Genetic Testing and What It Doesn’t
        Ellen Wright Clayton

Part 3  Psychological and Sociocultural Issues

9  Prenatal Genetic Testing: Does It Benefit Pregnant Women?
        Elena A. Gates
10  Collective Silences, Collective Fictions: How Prenatal diagnostic Testing Became Part of Routine Prenatal Care
        Nancy Anne Press and Carole H. Browner
11  Women’s Reponses to Prenatal Diagnosis: A Sociocultural Perspective on Diversity
        Rayna Rapp
12  Reproductive Genetic Services for Low-Income Women and Women of Color: Access and Sociocultural Issues
        Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson
13  The Tentative Pregnancy: Then and Now
        Barbara Katz Rothman
14  Reproductive Genetic Testing and Pregnancy Loss: The Experience of Women
        Rita Beck Black


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