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The English Dream Vision

Anatomy of a Form

J. Stephen Russell

Frontmatter, Contents, and Acknowledgments


I: Dream and Apocalypse
          The Dream-as-Narrative-Event
          The Apocalypse
II: Medieval Dream Authorities
          Classical Scepticism
          The Encyclopedists
          Select Medieval Authorities
          Assessing the Evidence
III: Origins
          A Rhetoric and a Form: Augustine and Macrobius
          Freedom in Parody: The Roman de la Rose
          A Psychology and a Metaphysics: Nominalism
IV: Structure
          The Shape of the Poem
          The Poem and the Readers
V: Applications: Three Deconstructive Dream Visions
          The Book of the Duchess and the Discourse of Sentiment
          Pearl and the Discourse of Eschatology
          The Hous of Fame and the End of Lore

Epilogue: “It was no dreme: I lay brode waking”


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