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Reforming Juvenile Detention

No More Hidden Closets

Edited by Ira M. Schwartz and William H. Barton


Introduction—Reforming Juvenile Detention: No More Hidden Closets
    William H. Barton and Ira M. Schwartz

1—National Trends in Juvenile Detention
    Ira M. Schwartz and Deborah A. Willis

2—Determinants of Juvenile Detention Rates
    Teri K. Martin

3—Objective Juvenile Detention Criteria: The California Experience
    David Steinhart

4—Reducing the Use of Secure Detention in Broward County, Florida
    William H. Barton, Ira M. Schwartz, and Franklin A. Orlando

5—Controlling Juvenile Detention Population: Strategies for Reform
    Carl V. Sanniti

6—Toward a Model Secure Detention Program: Lessons from Shuman Center
    Joseph T. Christy

7—Secure Detention in Pennsylvani, 1981–1990: The Experience after Coleman v. Stanziani
    James E. Anderson and Robert G. Schwartz

8—Implementing Detention Policy Changes
    William H. Barton

9—Detention Reform from a Judge's Viewpoint
    Sharon McCully

Conclusion—What Policymakers Need to Know about Juvenile Detention Reform
    Ira M. Schwartz

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