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Men and Violence

Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America

Edited by Pieter Spierenburg

Frontmatter and Acknowledgments
Masculinity, Violence, and Honor: An Introduction  Pieter Spierenburg

Part One: Elite Dueling

     1. The Taming of the Noble Ruffian: Male Violence and Dueling in Early Modern and Modern Germany  Ute Frevert
     2. Men of Steel: Dueling, Honor, and Politics in Liberal Italy  Steven Hughes
     3. The End of the Modern French Duel  Robert Nye

Part Two: Popular Duels

     4. Knife Fighting and Popular Codes of Honor in Early Modern Amsterdam  Pieter Spierenburg
     5. Homicide and Knife Fighting in Rome, 1845–1914  Daniele Boschi
     6. Fights/Fires: Violent Firemen in the Nineteenth-Century American City  Amy Sophia Greenberg

Part Three: Violence and the State

     7. The Victorian Criminalization of Men  Martin J. Wiener
     8. White Supremacist Justice and the Rule of Law: Lynching, Honor, and the State in Ben Tillman’s South Carolina  Stephen Kantrowitz
     9. “The Equal of Some White Men and the Superior of Others”: Masculinity and the 1916 Lynching of Anthony Crawford in Abbeville County, South Carolina  Terence Finnegan

Contributors and Index

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