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The Summons of Death on the Medieval and Renaissance English Stage

Phoebe S. Spinrad

Frontmatter, Contents, and Preface

1. Death Takes a Grisly Shape: Medieval and Renaissance Iconography
2. Answering the Summons: The Art of Dying
3. Death Takes to the Stage: The Mystery Cycles and Early Moralities
4. Death as Educator: Everyman
5. Death Takes an Alias: The Late Moralities and the Secular Mode
6. Medieval Summons, Renaissance Response: Tamburlaine, Parts I and II
7. The Summons to Hell: Doctor Faustus
8. The Kindly Summons: Measure for Measure
9. The Summons of Nothingness: The Duchess of Malfi
10. Momento Mockery: The Old Iconography Begins to Slip
11. A Choice of Deaths: The Last Decades of Renaissance Theater

Epilogue: Some Last Words and a Last Play


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