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“The Gentle Voices of Teachers”

Aspects of Learning in the Carolingian Age

Edited by Richard Sullivan

Frontmatter, Preface, List of Illustrations, and List of Abbreviations

1: Introduction: Factors Shaping Carolingian Studies  /  Richard E. Sullivan
2: The Context of Cultural Activity in the Carolingian Age  /  Richard E. Sullivan
3: The Pursuit of Knowledge in Carolingian Europe  /  John J. Contreni
4: Carolingian Chant: Roman, Frankish-Roman, Frankish  /  Richard L. Crocker
5: Edition, Translation, and Exegesis: The Carolingians and the Bible  /  Bernice M. Kaczynski
6: Carolingian Art and Politics  /  Lawrence Nees
7: Tradition and Learning in Search of Ideology: The Libri Carolini  /  John J. Contreni
8: Conclusion: Visions of Carolingian Education, Past, Present, and Future  /  David Ganz

Selected Bibliography
List of Contributors, Index of Manuscripts Cited, and Index

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