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Gendered Interventions

Narrative Discourse in the Victorian Novel

Robyn R. Warhol

Preface and Acknowledgments

Part I / Proposing a Model: Feminism and Narratology
1: Introduction: Why Don’t Feminists “Do” Narratology?
2: A Model of Gendered Intervention: Engaging and Distancing Narrative Strategies

Part II / Testing the Model: Interventions in Texts
3: Engaging Strategies, Earnestness, and Realism: Mary Barton
4: Distancing Strategies, Irony, and Metafiction: Yeast and Vanity Fair
5: Women’s Narrators Who Cross Gender: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Adam Bede
6: Men’s Narrators Who Cross Gender: Can You Forgive Her? and Bleak House

Part III / Reflecting upon the Model: Gendered Interventions in History
7: The Victorian Place of Enunciation: Gender and the Chance to Speak
8: Direct Address and the Critics: What’s the Matter with “You”?

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