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Theology and Poetry in the Middle English Lyric

A Study of Sacred History and Aesthetic Form

Sarah Appleton Weber

Frontmatter, Preface, and Acknowledgments

Introduction. The Theology of Sacred History: The Liturgy of the Medieval Church
     Sacred History
          The Beginning and End of History
          The Center of History
     Three Reformulations of Sacred History by the Liturgy of the Church
          The Seasonal Cycle
          The Hours of the Day
          The Ladder

Part I. The Annunciation and Birth of Christ
     “Gabriel, fram Evene-King”
          The Inner Form
          The External Form
     The “Maiden Makeles”
          “Nu �is Fules Singet hand Maket Hure Blisse”
          “I Syng of a Myden �hat Is Makeles”
     “Als I Lay vp-on a Nith”
          The Setting
          The Foretelling
          The Structure

Part II. The Crucifixion
     “�e Milde Lomb Isprad o Rode”
          The Transformation of Suffering by Love
          The Transfiguration of Disorder by Beauty
     Mary’s Sorrow
          “Wy Haue �e No Reuthe on My Child?”
          “Suete Sone, Reu on Me & Brest Out of �i Bondis”
     “Stond Wel, Moder, vnder Rode”
          The Dialogue
          The Intelligible Cross
          The Dialogue Form

Part III. The Joy of Mary
     The Names of Joy: “Glade Us Maiden, Moder Milde”
     The Vision of Joy: “Leuedy, for �are Blisse / �at �u Heddest at �e Frume”
     The Figure of Delight

     The Poem: The Sacred History
     The Poet and His Audience: The Church
     Poetry and the Eternal Art: A Note on the Work of St. Bonaventure

     “Ave mundi spes Maria”
     “Stabat iuxta Christi crucem”
     “Heyl be �ou, marie, milde quene of heuene!”

Notes to the Text and Appendixes
Notes to the Illustrations
Selected Bibliography

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