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Court Satires of the Restoration

John Harold Wilson

Frontmatter and Acknowledgments
References Cited by Short Titles

Court Satires
[On the Ladies of the Court, c. 1663]
A Ballad [1667]
Signior Dildo (1673)
Lampoon [1676]
Colin (1679)
On Several Women about Town [1680]
Satire on the Court Ladies (1680)
An Answer to the Satire on the Court Ladies (1680)
Ballad on Betty Felton [1680]
Utile Dulce (1681)
The Ladies’ March (1681)
An Essay of Scandal (1681)
An Heroic Poem [1681]
On Three Late Marriages [1682]
Satire (1682)
Satire to Julian (1682)
A Ballad [1682]
Mrs. Nelly’s Complaint (1682)
A Ballad to the Tune of Cheviot Chace (1682)
The Lady Freschvile’s Song of the Wives (1682)
Advice, or a Heroic Epistle to Mr. Fr. Villiers [1683]
Satire on both Whigs and Tories [1683]
Letter to Julian [1684]
Julian’s Farewell to the Muses (1685)
A Letter to Julian from Tunbridge [1685]
The Court Diversion [1686]
The Two Tom Lucys [1686]
To Capt. Warcup [1686]
Madam Le Croix [1686]
The Lovers’ Session (1687)
Julian’s Farewell to the Coquets [1687]
The Session of Ladies (1688)
Satire on Bent[in]g [1689]

Selected Brief Biographies

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