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Rhetoric & Pluralism

Legacies of Wayne Booth

Frederick J. Antczak, ed.

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Part I. Situating Booth
1. Teaching the Topics: Character, Rhetoric, and Liberal Education
2. Cultural Literacy: Concepts and Information
Part II. Ethics and Fictions
3. Wayne Booth and the Ethics of Fiction
4. Elie Wiesel and the Ethics of Fiction
5. Booth, Bakhtin, and the Culture of Criticism
6. From Pluralism to Heteroglossia: Wayne Booth and the Pragmatics of Critical Reviewing
Part III. Rhetoric and Politics
7. Pluralism, Politics, and the Evaluation of Criticism
8. Wayne Booth and the Policies of Ethics
9. Learning to Read Martin Luther King’s “Pilgrimage to Nonviolence”: Wayne Booth, Character, and the Ethical Criticism of Public Address
Part IV. Booth Across Disciplines
10. “Three Times out of Five Something Happens”: James M. Cain and the Ethics of Music
11. Keeping the Company of Sophisters, Economists, and Calculators
12. Saying What Goes Without Saying: The Rhetoric of Bacon’s Essays
Part V. Booth, Assent, and Argument
13. Wayne Booth and the Ethics of Argument
14. The Logic and Rhetoric of Systematic Assent
15. Rhetoric Without Sophistry: Wayne Booth and the Rhetoric of Inquiry
Bibliography: Wayne C. Booth

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