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Authors, Publishers and Politicians

The Quest for an Anglo–American Copyright Agreement 1815–1854

James J. Barnes

Front Matter
Table of Contents
1. The Depression of 1837–43 and Its Implications for the American Book Trade
2. British Periodicals in America
3. Copyright In and Out of Congress, 1815–42
4. Further Efforts to Influence the American Congress, 1842–51
5. The Impact of Foreign Reprints on the Domestic British Book Trade
6. Efforts to Influence Parliament
7. The Canadian Market
8. The British Law Courts: A Possible Remedy for the Absence of International Copyright
9. American Lobbyists in the Early 1850s
10. The Organization
11. Bribery, or the Necessary Expenses of Congressional Action: November 1851 – February 1853
12. The Need for Senate Ratification: February 1853 – June 1854
Back Matter

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