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The Woman Who Murdered Black Satin

The Bermondsey Horror

Albert Borowitz

Front Matter
Table of Contents
1. Bermondsey 1849
2. What the Kitchen Hid
3. The Odd Triangle
4. The Disappearance of Patrick O'Connor
5. Brokerage and Brandy
6. Homicide Fair
7. The Inquest at the Tavern
8. A Month in Police Court
9. The Mannings in Prison
10. King Edward III’s Jury
11. The Case for the Crown
12. The Arguments for the Defense
13. Rue in the Dock
14. Waiting for Mr. Calcraft
15. On Mrs. Manning! Don't You Cry for Me!
16. The Moral Lesson at Horsemonger Lane
17. Homicide Fair
18. The “Demise” of Black Satin
19. Marie and Madamoiselle Hortense
20. The Second Murder Plot
Selective Bibliography
Back Matter

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