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Concealments in Hemingway’s Works

Gerry Brenner

Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, Author’s Note
Introduction: Three Theses

Part 1. The Thesis Phase
1. A Hospitalized World: A Farewell to Arms
2. A “Vulgar” Ethic: The Sun Also Rises
3. Afterword

Part 2. The Esthetic Phase
1. A Compleat Critique: Death in the Afternoon
2. A Trophy Hunt: Green Hills of Africa
3. Afterword

Part 3. The Aristotelian Phase
1. A Classical Tragedy: To Have and to Have Not
2. A Classical Epic: For Whom the Bell Tolls
3. Afterword

Part 4. The Imitative Phase
1. A Dantesque “Imitation”: Across the River and into the Trees
2. Afterword

Part 5. The Antithetical Phase
1. Foreword
2. A Not-So-Strange Old Man: The Old Man and the Sea
3. A Guilt-Ridden Father: Islands in the Stream
4. An Obsessed Onlooker: The Dangerous Summer
5. A Self-Justifying Son: A Moveable Feast

Back Matter

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