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Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria

Text and Meaning

Frederick Burwick, ed.

Front Matter
Table of Contents
1. Editing and Annotating the Biographia Literaria
2. Coleridge’s Book of Moonlight
3. The Besetting Sins of Coleridge’s Prose
4. Coleridge and the Language of Adam
5. Anti–Materialism, Autobiography, and the Abyss of Unmeaning in the Biographia Literaria
6. Coleridge, Habit, and the Politics of Vision
7. Coleridge and Energy
8. Perception and “the heaven–descended KNOW–THYSELF”
9. Annotating the Annotations: A Philosophical Reading of the Primary and Secondary Imagination
10. Coleridge and Milton: The Case Against Wordsworth in the Biographia Literaria
11.“Like a Guilty Thing Surprised”: Coleridge, Deconstruction, and the Apostasy of Criticism
12. Coleridge and the Charge of Political Apostasy
13. The Biographia Literaria and the Contentions of English Romanticism
14. Poetry and Barrel–Organs: The Text in the Book of the Biographia Literaria

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