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The Legislative Committee Game

A Comparative Analysis of Fifty States

Wayne L. Francis

Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, Tables
Introduction: Definitions and Background
Part 1. Rational Decision Making in U.S. Legislative Committee Systems
Chapter 1. Understanding Indivindual Preferences in a Committee
Chapter 2. The Internal Forces for Decentralized Agenda Setting in American Legislative Committee Systems
Chapter 3. Party Leadership, Party Caucuses, and Standing Committees: Why Committee Outcomes are Preferred in the United States
Chapter 4. Does Centralized Agenda Setting Pay Dividends?
Part 2. Lifestyle and Career–Pattern Influences
Chapter 5. Costs and Benefits of Legslative Services
Chapter 6. Self–Interest and Legislative Turnover
Part 3. Explorations in Efficiency and Reform
Chapter 7. Risk, Efficiency, and Adaptation in Committee Decision Making
Chapter 8. Committee System Optimalities: Size Preferences and Member Adaptation
Chapter 9. Representation and the Reduction of Complexity in Lawmaking
Chapter 10. The Complex Committee Game
Back Matter

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