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French and Provençal Lexicography

Essays Presented to Honor Alexander Herman Schutz

Urban T. Holmes and Kenneth R. Scholberg, eds.

Front Matter, Foreword
Table of Contents, Abbreviations
Introduction: Alexander Herman Schutz

Part I. General and Old French Studies
1. Lexicography and Stylistics
2. The Pucelle Is Not For Burning
3. Les Gloses Françaises dans le Pentateuque de Raschi
4. The Affective and Expressive Values of Verb–Complement Compounds in Romance
5. Pleine Sa Hanste in the Chanson de Roland
6. Carestia

Part II. Old Provençal
7. Quelques Observations sur le Texte des Vidas et des Razos dans les Chansonniers Provençaux AB et 1K
8. The Name of the Troubador Dalfin d’Alvernhe
9. Three Little Problems of Old Provençal Syntax
10. Flamenca Gleanings
11. The Lady from Plazensa
12. The Vocabulary of the New Testament in Provençal

Part III. Renaissance French
13. Flux et Reflux du Vocabulaire Français au XVI Siècle
14. Archaism in Ronsard’s Theory of a Poetic Vocabulary
15. Montaigne’s Later Latin Borrowings
16. The Coins in Rabelais
Bibliography of Alexander Herman Schutz

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