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Art & Anger

Reading Like a Woman

Jane Marcus

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Introduction: Changing the Subject
Reading Practice I. The Feminist Critic Reads Men: Wilde, Meredith, Ibsen
1. Salomé: The Jewish Princess Was a New Woman
2. “Clio in Calliope”: History and Myth in Meredith’s Diana of the Crossways
3. Nostalgia Is Not Enough: Why Elizabeth Hardwick Misreads Ibsen, Plath, and Woolf
Reading Practice II. The Socialist Critic Reads Virginia Woolf
4. Thinking Back Through Our Mothers: The Collective Sublime
5. “No More Horses”: Virginia Woolf on Art and Propaganda
6. Art and Anger: Elizabeth Robins and Virginia Woolf
Writing Practice. The Lupine Critic Writes a (Biased) History of Virginia Woolf Scholarship
7. Tintinnabulations
8. Storming the Toolshed
9. Quentin’s Bogey
A Theoretical Perspective
10. Still Practice, A/Wrested Alphabet: Toward a Feminist Aesthetic
Back Matter

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