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Causality and Narrative in French Fiction from Zola to Robbe–Grillet

Roy Jay Nelson

Front Matter
Table of Contents

Part I. Rectilinear Causality in Narrative
1. Causality in Fiction
2. Causal Options in the Récit: Gide
3. Causal Options in Histoire and Narration: Zola’s L’Assommoir
4. Causal Chains and Textualization: Zola’s La Bête humaine
5. Inference, Causality, and the Levels of Narrative

Part II.l Nonrectilinear Causal Strategies
6. Track and Sidetrack
7. Associating with Proust
8. Myth and Mythos
9. The Broken Line
10. Mental–Representation Fiction
Works Cited

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