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The Novel in Motion

An Approach to Modern Fiction

Richard Pearce

Front Matter
Table of Contents
1. Toward the Novel in Motion: Movement and the Narrative Eye
2. From Realism to Modernism: Two Pictures in Joyce’s Portrait
3. Reeling Through Faulkner
4. From Joyce to Beckett: The Tale That Wags the Telling
5. Enter the Frame: The Loss of Clarity
6. Dislocation in Nabokov’s Black (Hole) Humor: Lolita and Pale Fire
7. Where’re They At, Where’re They Going?: Thomas Pynchon and the American Novel in Motion
8. Robert Coover’s Kaleidoscopic Spectacle
9. Riding the Surf: Raymond Federman, Walter Abish, and Ronald Sukenick
10. Bring Back That Line, Bring Back That Time

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