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The Early American Novel

Henri Petter

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Preface, List of Abbreviations
Part 1. The Moral and Critical Discussion
1. American Literature?
2. A Novelist’s Practices: Mrs. Rowson
3. The Pernicious Novels Exposed: “Female Quixotism”
Part 2. Usable Fiction
4. Didactic Fiction
5. Satirical and Polemical Fiction
Part 3. The Love Story
6. Self–Denial
7. Cruel Parents
8. Perfidious Rivalry
9. A Rival Passion
10. Overwhelming Odds
11. Illegitimate Love
12. Seduction
Part 4. The Novel of Adventure
13. “Fortune’s Football”
14. Mystery and Terror
15. Lofty Crime
16. Strands of History
Appendix: Synopes

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