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Rhetoric and Poetic in Seventeenth–Century France

David Lee Rubin and Mary B. McKinley, eds.

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Part 1. Literary Theory
1. Vraie et fausse beauté dans l’esthétique au dix–septième siècle
2. Sur le sens du mot “raison” au dix–septième siècle
3. Desmarets’s “L’Art de la poésie”: Poetics or Politics?
Part 2. Theater
4. Poetry and the Comic — a Subtle Partnership
5. Corneille, Oedipus, Racine
6. A Theatrical Reading of Cinna
7. “Docere et delectare”: Richesse de l’Avare
Part 3. Fiction
8. Doubling and Omission in the Text of Anne Ferrand/Bélise
Part 4. The Lyric
9. La Fontaine, Les Vautours et les pigeons (VII, 8): An Intertextual Reading
10. Generic Modulation in Consolations by Malherbe, Tristan l’Hermite, and Théophile de Viau
Part 5. The Moralists
11.Camera Obscura: Image and Imagination in Descartes’s Méditations
12.A Reading of the First Liasse
13. Toward a Semiotics of Blaise Pascal’s Pensées: A Model for Geometrical and Rhetorical Persuasions
14. Resisting the Pull: Pierre Nicole on the Inclination to Sin

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