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The Taciturn Text

The Fiction of Robert Penn Warren

Randolph Paul Runyon

Table of Contents, Acknowledgments
Introduction: Ianthe and the Logic of the Dream
1. Night Writer: Or, the New Morpheus: Night Rider, 1939
2. Unlocking the Gate: At Heaven’s Gate, 1943
3. Willie’s Wink: All the King’s Men, 1946
4. The View from the Attic: The Circus in the Attic and Other Stories, 1947
5. Beaumont’s Dream: World Enough and Time, 1950
6. Decomposing Angels: Band of Angels, 1955
7. The Fictive Fetus in the Cave: The Cave, 1959
8. Moses in the Wilderness: Wilderness, 1961
9. Continent in Flood: Flood, 1964
10. Christmas Gift: Meet Me in the Green Glen, 1971
11. Old Buck’s Golden Shower: Or, the New Perseus A Place to Come to, 1977
Conclusion:"at the end of life’s long sorites"
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