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A Circle of Friends

The Tennysons and the Lushingtons of Park House

John O. Waller

Front Matter
Table of Contents, List of Illustrations
1. Family Background and Early Childhood to 1823
2. Charterhouse School 1823–1828
3. Park House and Trinity College 1828–1838
4. The Glasgow Professorship 1838–1875
5. The Old Order Changeth 1839–1841
6. A Wife Ere Noon 1842
7. An Ill–Fated Heir and a Stillborn Book 1843–1844
8. “The Princess” and a Maltese Appointment
9. A Precarious Stability 1848–1853
10. The Shadow Feared of Men 1854–1860
11. Middle Years, More Sorrow 1860–1874
12. Park House and Boxley Churchyard 1875–1893
Abbreviations Used in Notes