The Ohio State University Press

On-line Community

Scholarly communication is about more than just making information available. It’s about dialog, community-building, and disagreements—all for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of knowledge, information, and interpretation further.

To move closer to this ideal, The Ohio State University Press has established an on-line community where you can talk back to authors, leave reviews of books, direct questions to the author or to other readers, explain how a book has helped your own research, or anything else you’d like to say. Not only will you be heard by our authors, but other readers will be able to use your insights to further their own work. We hope to stimulate a lot of insight, collaborative thinking, and interdisciplinarity through this initiative.

Simply go to and find the book you want to comment on. Use the labels to see other titles that may interest you. Or find the book on our website and click on the link “leave / read comments and critiques of the book” in the upper right-hand corner.

The future of scholarly communication really does depend on you.