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The Trillium imprint publishes books about Ohio and the Midwest in an effort to help the citizens of the state learn more about the unique history, the diverse culture, and the natural environment of the state of Ohio. Books published under this imprint will also help to fund our scholarly publishing program, and will aid in lowering the cost of the student textbooks we publish. Books submitted for publication under this imprint must be accepted by both the imprint editor and the Trillium Editorial Board. The imprint takes its name from the state’s official wildflower.

Manuscript inquiries should be sent to the imprint editor, Tony Sanfilippo.

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New & Forthcoming Trillium Titles:

book cover

James R. Hopkins
Faces of the Heartland

Mark B. Pohlad
7 x 10, 288 pp.
31 b&w illustrations
50 color illustrations
1 map
Co-published with the Columbus Museum of Art

book cover

Community In-Between / Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah

Qorsho Hassan and Ruth M. Smith

book cover

Polonium in the Playhouse

Linda Carrick Thomas

book cover


Bob Hunter

book cover

My Father's Closet

Karen A. McClintock

book cover

Iron Valley

Clayton J. Ruminski

book cover

Lustron Stories

Charles Mintz

book cover

The Gentleman from Ohio

Congressman Louis Stokes and David Chanoff