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Founded in 1930, The Journal of Higher Education publishes original research reporting on the academic study of higher education as a broad enterprise. We publish the highest quality empirical, theoretically grounded work addressing the main functions of higher education and the dynamic role of the university in society. We seek to publish scholarship from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and disciplinary orientations. Articles appearing in the Journal employ an array of methodological approaches, and we welcome work from scholars across a range of career stages. Comparative and international scholarship should make clear connections to the U.S. context. Manuscripts not appropriate for submission to the Journal include purely theoretical papers, methodological treatises, unsolicited essays and reviews, and non-academic, institutional, and program evaluations or reports.

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts submitted to The Journal of Higher Education (JHE) must meet the 10,000-word limit, inclusive of all text, reference list, tables, figures, and notes (excluding the abstract). All submissions to (JHE) must also follow APA Style (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, 2009). Authors must not submit any manuscript under consideration by another publisher or work that has been previously published in whole or part.

Manuscript Submission

JHE uses the Editorial Manager system for manuscript submission and review. No manuscript will be accepted for consideration outside of Editorial Manager. The manuscript should be uploaded, within Editorial Manager, in these three parts:

  1. Manuscript file (this includes an abstract page, body of the manuscript text, and the references page). Please upload this as one single Microsoft Word file. This file is required for submission.
  2. Table file(s) This file is optional and is needed only if your article contains tables. Please upload tables in one single Microsoft Word file.
  3. Figures: Optional. Attach each figure as a separate file. Please note that figures must be provided at size−no larger than 4 ½" x 7" (full page) and preferably no larger than 4 ½" x 3 ½" (half page), black/white or grayscale only, and as high-quality files (PDF, .tif, or .jpg) at a minimum of 300 DPI. Include captions in the manuscript file.

Please refer to The Journal of Higher Education Style Guide for Submissions (JHE Style Guide) for detailed instructions on preparing your manuscript for submission. Carefully consult this guide to ensure that your manuscript follows the Journal’s technical requirements. Submissions not following the conventions detailed in the JHE Style Guide for Submissions will be sent back to the author for correction, which may delay formal consideration of a review.

Criteria for Selection

We strongly recommend that authors review several back issues of The Journal of Higher Education to get a clear sense of the type of articles that appeal to its readership. We find that this is the most effective approach in determining if a manuscript is an appropriate fit with JHE. We expect that authors,
the Journal, and the field will develop through this publication process.

For all articles that are subjected to a full review, the opinions of the reviewers will be transmitted to the author(s). Papers are evaluated on the following dimensions:

  1. Form:writing style and readability, logical development, appropriate length (typical length will fall between 9,000–10,000 words), and appropriateness of author's stated objectives.
  2. Content: significance to JHE readers and relevance to the field, originality of approach, quality of theoretical/conceptual development, quality of data, appropriateness of methodology, quality of analysis, logic of conclusions, and policy relevance.


It should be emphasized that the editors respond most favorably to manuscripts that evidence both a freshness of vision and a vitality that may be informed by, but certainly go beyond, methodological qualities, and that are in congruence with our publishing goals and directions.

Review Process

The editorial team at JHE reviews all manuscripts to determine if they meet the technical criteria outlined above and the basic criteria for selection (see “Criteria for Selection” above). This process typically takes less than two weeks once your paper has been deemed to meet the technical requirements for review. You will receive notification once this initial determination has been made.

If your article is sent out for blind review you can expect to receive a response from the editorial office within eight to ten weeks. If your article is accepted, it will usually be publicly available online within 12 weeks of typesetting. Your accepted article will typically appear in the printed pages of JHE within 6–12 months of formal acceptance.

Please contact the JHE office at: for any additional questions regarding the manuscript submission process.

To submit an article for consideration for publication in JHE, click here: Submit

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief - Scott L. Thomas, University of Vermont  
Consulting Editor - Laura Perna, University of Pennsylvania 
Associate Editor - Thomas F. Nelson Laird, Indiana University 
Associate Editor - Penny A. Pasque, University of Oklahoma 
Book Review Editor - Jenny Lee, University of Arizona 
Editorial Assistant - Rocío Mendoza, Claremont Graduate University

Editorial Advisory Board

Mike Bastedo, University of Michigan 
Regina Deil-Amen, University of Arizona 
Jim Hearn, University of Georgia 
Adrianna Kezar, University of Southern California 
Anna Neumann, Columbia University 
Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
Bill Trent, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign 

Editorial Review Board

Peter Riley Bahr, University of Michigan
Angela Boatman, Vanderbilt University
Nicholas Bowman, University of Iowa
Tim Cain, University of Georgia
Brendan Cantwell, Michigan State University
Rozana Carducci, Salem State
Rebecca Cox, Simon Fraser University
Brad Curs, University of Missouri–Columbia
Luciana Dar, University of California, Riverside
Rajeev Darolia, University of Missouri
William Doyle, Vanderbilt University
Brent Evans, Vanderbilt University
Ryan Evely Gildersleeve, University of Denver
Sara Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Leslie Gonzalez, Michigan State University
Kimberly Griffin, University of Maryland
Shaun Harper, University of Pennsylvania
Joseph Hermanowicz, University of Georgia
Nicholas Hillman, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Shouping Hu, Florida State University
Ozan Jacquette, University of Arizona
Audrey Jaeger, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Keup, University of South Carolina
Erin Leahey, University of Arizona
Matthew Mayhew, New York University
Sam Museus, University of Hawaii
Chris Ogren, University of Iowa
Michael A. Olivas, University of Houston
KerryAnn O'Meara, University of Maryland
Julie Park, University of Maryland
Ann Person, Mathematica Policy Research
Steve Porter, North Carolina State University
Julie Posselt, University of Michigan
Brian Pusser, University of Virginia
Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach, North Carolina State University
Vicki Rosser, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Heather Rowan-Kenyon, Boston College
Margaret Sallee, SUNY Buffalo
Linda Sax, University of California, Los Angeles
Sheila Slaughter, University of Georgia
Daryl Smith, Claremont Graduate University
David Tandberg, Florida State University
Barrett Taylor, University of North Texas
John Thelin, University of Kentucky
Ryan Wells, University of Massachusetts–Amherst
Gregory Wolniak, New York University


Table of Contents

JHE 87(4) July / August 2016

(In)validation in the Minority: The Experiences of Latino Students Enrolled in an HBCU

The Cultural Cover-Up of College Athletics: How Organizational Culture Perpetuates an Unrealistic and Idealized Balancing Act


Building the Innovative and Entrepreneurial University: An Institutional Case Study of Administrative Academic Capitalism

Settling In: The Role of Individual and Departmental Tactics in the Development of New Faculty Networks

From Commercial Schools to Corporate Universities: Explaining the Shift in Proprietary Business Education in the U.S., 1970–1990

BOOK REVIEW: The Tyranny of Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in America, by Lani Guinier
Reviewed by NOLAN L. CABRERA


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