November 14, 2018

Time and Change: A Commemorative Retrospective Unites the Buckeye Nation

Written by Kellie Jones

“Buckeye Nation connects lives in deeply personal and meaningful ways,” begins OSU President Michael Drake’s introduction to Time and Change: 150 Years of The Ohio State University, a sesquicentennial retrospective of The Ohio State University. “Buckeye Nation,” Drake continues, “represents a shared sense of pride, purpose, and spirit that transcends time and geography.”

To celebrate the university’s 150th anniversary, The Ohio State University Press is teaming up with the University Archives and Department of Design to produce Time and Change, a photographic history of the university. Not only is this book a celebration of the history of the university, from its earliest years as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College to the institution it is today, but it is also a symbol of unity and cooperation within the Ohio State community.

While university retrospectives have been published for some of Ohio State’s past milestones, Time and Change will be the first retrospective of this kind published with the University Press.

Time and Change: 150 Years of The Ohio State University is written byTamar Chute, Head of Archives at The Ohio State University.

The book will be published by Trillium, The Ohio State University Press’s imprint for local and regional books. “I absolutely love this part of my job,” says Tony Sanfilippo, director of The Ohio State University Press. “With the regional program, we have the opportunity to record the history of the state, to create a platform for the voices that don’t always get heard.” In regards to Time and Change, “It was sort of a no-brainer for the imprint,” Sanfilippo says as he explains the origin of the book. “The imprint celebrates Ohio and all things regional—including OSU, which I think is a huge part of Ohio’s identity.”

The idea originated with Tamar Chute, head of Archives at the university. “I’ve wanted to put together a book of iconic historical images of campus for a number of years,” Chute says. “I know how much people enjoy looking at photographs when they come to the Archives, and I thought the sesquicentennial was the perfect opportunity to share rarely seen images in a new way.” As the sesquicentennial began approaching, Chute started to develop a manuscript that would provide some context for photographs in the archive.

“Once she had that, and she had selected various items from the archive to include in the book, she contacted me,” explains Sanfilippo.

From there, the project only continued to grow. Naturally, the president’s office was interested in the project. “They see this as a point of pride,” Sanfilippo says, “an object they can share with their peers. It’s a tradition when universities hit those landmarks not only to celebrate the occasion but also assess where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

With material from the archives and the support of the office of the president, The Ohio State University Press then reached out to Paul Nini, professor and former chairperson for OSU’s Department of Design.

“He jumped at the opportunity,” Sanfilippo recalls. “It was actually his suggestion that he work with students. I think we’re the first to actually use students to help produce the book.”

“We have a long history in the Department of Design in involving students in projects for various external partners,” Nini explains. “It made sense for this project to engage a small group of fourth-year visual communication design students to work on it over the 2018–2019 academic year. So far, the process has worked well.”

For a press that prides itself on innovation and diversity, Time and Change will be a monumental achievement.

“It really [is] a book about us, by us, for us, all the way from the president to undergraduates,” Sanfilippo says. “So we hope it’s a more accurate representation of the university since it really is a product of the university.”

The Ohio State community reaches far beyond the boundaries of the campus. As Provost Bruce A. McPheron puts it in his afterword for Time and Change, the university “touches the lives of virtually all Ohioans and contributes essential knowledge to solve the world’s greatest challenges.” With more than 550,000 alumni, the Ohio State community is vast and widespread. But as Time and Change affirms, “Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.”

Time and Change will be published August 2019.

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Time and Change: 150 Years of The Ohio State University
Tamar Chute with a letter by President Michael V. Drake and an afterword by Provost Bruce A. McPheron
August 2019
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