The Ohio State University Press

Spring 2004 

Spring 2004 Catalog New York City: An Outsider's Inside View
Mario Maffi
High Stakes: Big Time Sports and Downtown Redevelopment
Timothy Jon Curry, Kent Schwirian, and Rachael Woldoff
Little Men: Novellas and Stories
Gerald Shapiro
Merchant of Illusion: James Rouse, America's Salesman of the Businessman's Utopia
Nicholas Dagen Bloom
Suburban Steel: The Magnificent Failure of the Lustron Corporation, 1945–1951
Douglas Knerr
Any Friend of the Movement: Networking for Birth Control, 1920–1940
Jimmy Elaine Wilkinson Meyer
Beyond the Reproductive Body: The Politics of Women's Health and Work in Early Victorian England
Marjorie Levine-Clark
Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke's and the Nature of Nursing, 1892–1937
Tom Olson and Eileen Walsh
Roman Fever: Domesticity and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century American Women's Writing
Annamaria Formichella Elsden
New in paperback
D. H. Lawrence: Self and Sexuality
James C. Cowan
Cultural Secrets as Narrative Form: Storytelling in Nineteenth-Century America
Margaret Reid
Would Poetry Disappear? American Verse and the Crisis of Modernity
John Timberman Newcomb
Muse in the Machine: American Fiction and Mass Publicity
Mark Conroy
I Know That You Know That I Know: Narrating Subjects from Moll Flanders to Marnie
George Butte
Plots of Opportunity: Representing Conspiracy in Victorian England
Albert D. Pionke
Written in Blood: Fatal Attraction in Enlightenment Amsterdam
Pieter Spierenburg
Ninth edition
Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics
The Ohio State University Department of Linguistics