The Ohio State University Press
Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Catalog The Ohio State University: An Illustrated History
Raimund E. Goerler
Portraits of the Artist as a Young Woman: Painting and the Novel in France and Britain, 1800–1860
Alexandra K. Wettlaufer
The Governance of Friendship: Law and Gender in the Decameron
Michael Sherberg
Revivalist Fantasy: Alliterative Verse and Nationalist Literary History
Randy P. Schiff
Inventing Womanhood: Gender and Language in Later Middle English Writing
Tara Williams
The French Face of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Monsieur de l’Aubépine and His Second Empire Critics
Historical Introduction and Translations by Michael Anesko and N. Christine Brookes
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: New Texts, New Contexts
Edited by Jennifer S. Tuttle and Carol Farley Kessler
Toys and Tools in Pink: Cultural Narratives of Gender, Science, and Technology
Carol Colatrella
Anthems, Sonnets, and Chants: Recovering the African American Poetry of the 1930s
Jon Woodson
Reading and Disorder in Antebellum America
David M. Stewart
Fathers, Preachers, Rebels, Men: Black Masculinity in U.S. History and Literature, 1820–1945
Edited by Timothy R. Buckner and Peter Caster
Franz Kafka: Narration, Rhetoric, and Reading
Edited by Jakob Lothe, Beatrice Sandberg, and Ronald Speirs
Fashioning Celebrity: Eighteenth-Century British Actresses and Strategies for Image Making
Laura Engel
The Real, the True, and the Told: Postmodern Historical Narrative and the Ethics of Representation
Eric L. Berlatsky
Reflections of Romanity: Discourses of Subjectivity in Imperial Rome
Richard Alston and Efrossini Spentzou
Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics, 11th Edition
Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University
Little America
Diane Simmons