The Ohio State University Press
Spring 2009

Spring 2009 Catalog A Latin Lover in Ancient Rome: Readings in Propertius and His Genre
W. R. Johnson
Renaissance Postscripts: Responding to Ovid’s Heroides in Sixteenth-Century France
Paul White
Qualified Hope: A Postmodern Politics of Time
Mitchum Huehls
A Body of Individuals: The Paradox of Community in Contemporary Fiction
Sue-Im Lee
Queering Cold War Poetry: Ethics of Vulnerability in Cuba and the United States
Eric Keenaghan
The Business of Reflection: Hawthorne in His Notebooks
Edited by Robert Milder and Randall Fuller
Where the World Is Not: Cultural Authority and Democratic Desire in Modern American Literature
Kim Savelson
Distancing English: A Chapter in the History of the Inexpressible
Page Richards
The Roman Salute: Cinema, History, Ideology
Martin M. Winkler
Rimbaud: The Cost of Genius
Neal Oxenhandler
Contemporary African American Fiction: New Critical Essays
Edited by Dana A. Williams
The National PTA, Race, and Civic Engagement, 1897–1970
Christine Woyshner
Uncommon Women: Gender and Representation in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women’s Writing
Laura Laffrado
Unexceptional Women: Female Proprietors in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Albany, New York, 1830–1885
Susan Ingalls Lewis
The Departure Lounge
Paul Eggers