The Ohio State University Press

Fall 2004 

Fall 2004 Catalog Financial Basics: A Money Management Guide for Students
Susan Knox
The Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry
Spot in the Dark
Beth Gylys
Kotex, Kleenex, Huggies: Kimberly-Clark and the Consumer Revolution in American Business
Thomas Heinrich and Bob Batchelor
Banksters, Bosses, and Smart Money: A Social History of the Great Toledo Bank Crash of 1931
Timothy Messer-Kruse
Policing the City: Crime and Legal Authority in London, 1780–1840
Andrew T. Harris
Social Control in Europe
Vol. 1: 1500–1800
Edited by Herman Roodenburg and Pieter Spierenburg
Vol. 2: 1800–2000
Edited by Clive Emsley, Eric Johnson, and Pieter Spierenburg
Educating the Proper Woman Reader: Victorian Family Literary Magazines and the Cultural Health of the Nation
Jennifer Phegley
The Pre-Raphaelite Art of the Victorian Novel: Narrative Challenges to Visual Gendered Boundaries
Sophia Andres
Black British Literature: Novels of Transformation
Mark Stein
Detecting the Nation: Fictions of Detection and the Imperial Venture
Caroline Reitz
The Intersecting Realities and Fictions of Virginia Woolf and Colette
Helen Southworth
Authorizing Policy
Thad Hall
Expressive Politics: Issue Strategies of Congressional Challengers
Robert G. Boatright
Expression vs. Equality: The Politics of Campaign Finance Reform
J. Tobin Grant and Thomas J. Rudolph